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100% Genunie Leather

All products on Deriderim.com are 100% genuine leather. Leather is one of the natural and luxurious materials of nature. Color, pore, thickness differences, wrinkles or minor scratches on the skin are not defects, but are an indication that the product you purchased is made of a natural material. Individually sewn by hand it makes your jacket special for you. Each jacket made from the same model and leather is different and unique in this sense.

Change and Return Guarantee

You can return your cargo within 14 days of receipt.
The return and change of the products that have been destroyed, used, whose invoice and accessories are missing can never be made. If there is any problem with the product when your order reaches you, you must inform the info@deriderim.com address on the same day. Our customer representatives will return as soon as possible. You can send your product with ARAS Cargo company code 17219443197902 in return and change transactions. For detailed information about returns and changes; You can reach us on 0224 267 05 63.
After your cargo is delivered to us, after the technical checks are made: Your refund will be reflected to you within 10 days, depending on your bank. Shipping fees are covered by our company for product changes, however, return shipping is collected from our customer for returns. Deriderim.com cannot intervene in this process.


100% Craftmanship

All products in Deriderim.com Online Store are handmade. Our accessories are made with special design, hand workmanship and all natural raw materials (raw silk, metal, leather, wool etc.) and all details are processed with great care.

Tailored Sewing

After you place an order at Deriderim.com, you can contact our customer service representative to make the size changes that will make the product you purchased fully fit your size. After mutual confirmation, the necessary procedures are applied to your product and it is brought to a specific size and delivered to you. With Deriderim.com's Tailor Made Sewing Service, people who have the problem of wearing the desired clothing with standard patterns can easily place their orders.

Repair Support

Your product may need modification based on time, usage patterns and changes in your body size. At this point, our expert team performs all the necessary procedures for the best possible result and makes it possible to wear it again with peace of mind.

Free shipping

All your orders on Deriderim.com; free shipping with guaranteed benefits and insured transport is sent to all of Turkey.